The Future of Give Smart

By Robert Wheel (@BobbyBigWheel)

Friends, I have some news.

As we've seen the last few weeks in Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina, we need to defeat Republicans at every level in order to preserve our democracy.

This is why Sean and I started the Give Smart project, which raised almost $1 million for key state legislative races (where small donations have the biggest impact) in the last few weeks of the 2018 campaign

But that can't be a one-time effort.  It needs to be sustained and durable.  We need to build a movement to stop reactionaries in the states. Which is why we're elated to announce that we've partnered with Future Now and Future Now Fund to offer Give Smart on a permanent basis.

Future Now Fund has a rigorous and effective data-driven analysis of which districts and candidates small donors should support, and was behind flips or significant gains in New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina, Michigan and Arizona this year.

And we aren't throwing money at a bunch of Heath Shulers. Future Now and Future Now Fund has a bold agenda that you can find at that we expect endorsees to support.  It's a vision for an America of 2030 that far exceeds the America of 2018.

If you donated to Give Smart then we're going to send a more detailed email tomorrow on how we're going to achieve those goals.  If you didn't, you can sign up for emails from me (I promise they won't suck) at

Also I'll be working for Future Now and Future Now Fund full time so those emails are where you'll be able to find elections coverage from me going forward.  You'll be able to receive intel you can't get anywhere else from someone who isn't infected with Beltway Brain.


Bobby (@BobbyBigWheel)

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