Data for Progress is committed to ensuring that bold solutions to the American housing cost crisis stay at the top of the progressive agenda. With half of renters paying an unsustainable share of their income on housing and the United States short roughly nine million homes to adequately and affordably house the populus, we need urgent action ASAP. Housing sits at the crossroads of economic justice, racial justice, climate change, and environmental justice -- it demands every progressive politicians’ attention. Watch this space for policy proposals and analysis on housing throughout 2020 and beyond.

The Data for Progress Homes for All report lays the groundwork for a truly progressive housing policy capable of ending the crisis, as a guide to policymakers and voters alike.

Homes for All calls for ending racist exclusionary zoning, building 7-to-10 million new social homes, offering immediate relief for renters, and decommodifying housing.

These policy pillars aren’t just necessary; they are popular with the public. Data for Progress polled on the Homes for All plan and found deep support across Democratic base voters and critical swing and turnout targets for the 2020 general election.