Data for Progress conducted a poll of 1,189 registered New York State voters between April 8th and April 10th, 2019 via online web panels in English. An additional 1,281 respondents were collected from April 26 and April 30th in order to increased the matched voter file N. A total of 1,171 respondents were matched to the voter file. Data for Progress used multilevel regression and poststratification (MRP), which is a technique that models relationships between respondents demographic and political characteristics and their policy opinions. The model is then used to predict opinion in various populations from the voter file, in this case all registered voters in New York and New York voters who have high turnout rates.

Support is displayed in terms of two-way support, excluding individuals who said they didn’t have an opinion.

Question Wording:


Would you support or oppose a law in New York State to automatically verify and register eligible citizens to vote when they interact with government agencies (like the DMV) unless they opt out.

Cash Bail

Would you support or oppose ending cash bail for individuals awaiting trial, and instead only detaining individuals pre-trial if they were a violence or flight risk?

Just Cause Evictions

In most of New York a landlord can evict a tenant for no reason. Would you support a law requiring that landlords have a good reason to evict a tenant – such as a tenant not paying rent. Do you support or oppose this proposal?

Limiting School Suspensions

In New York State, students of color and students with disabilities are disproportionately suspended and disciplined for minor school infractions. There is currently a bill in the legislature that would ensure that school districts implement codes of conduct limiting the use of suspension as a disciplinary response to minor infractions, and encouraging the use of alternatives to suspension. Do you support or oppose this proposal?

Climate and Community Protection Act

The New York state legislature is currently considering the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA). If passed the CCPA would:

  1. Set legal mandates on emissions in every sector of the economy,

  2. Require that 40 percent of money invested in clean energy be directed at low-income communities,

  3. and require that all clean energy projects meet minimum labor standards.

Do you support or oppose this proposal?