Recap of Episodes 1 Through 8

We calculated each team's points as their total number of correct predictions (of episode winners or losers) in episodes 1 through 8.

We applied the rules here: "If the episode has more than one winner (or more than one loser), a team is considered correct if they predict one of the winners (or
losers). If the episode has no winner (or no loser), a team is considered correct regardless of their prediction. If a team does not submit for an episode, it counts as an incorrect prediction"

The Wisdom Of The Crowd and Miranda Stanpanda are in the lead with 5 points.

And everyone’s favorite Council Speaker CoJo is in second place with 4 points.

The McElwee Influencer Model, Chayacore, Best of Both Worlds, and Bayes the House Down all have 3 points.

Pamplemousse and Shira Mitchell have 2 points.