Medicare for All Is Popular Across the Country

There are 42 states and the District of Columbia in which modeled support for Medicare for All is greater than 50 percent. In the two where progressives are most aggressively pushing Medicare for All, New York and California, we estimate 63 percent support and 62 percent support respectively. Even in states where Medicare for All is least popular, support is still reasonably high, with 45 percent of individuals in Wyoming and 46 percent of Utahns supporting Medicare for All.

Click here for a high-quality map and here for the data and here for the methods appendix. 


Democrats Aren't Representing The Progressivism Of the Electorate

Three in four Senators represent states with 55 percent support for a $15 minimum wage, but only 61 percent support the policy. And more than two-thirds of Senators represent states where more than 55 percent of people support Medicare for All, but only one in three support Medicare for All.


There is Broad National Support for Progressive Priorities

There is durable and consistent support for even over-the-horizon progressive policies across the country. Voters reject mandatory minimums, which have inflamed mass incarceration. Voters also reject the Hyde Amendment, an unnecessary limitation on a woman’s right to choose. Voters are more than ready for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take action on climate change and new investment in infrastructure. 


The Overwhelming Preference of the Poor: No One

As the chart below shows, the preferred candidate of the poor was no-one, with nearly 1-in-2 not voting. These low-income nonvoters would overwhelmingly prefer Democrats if they voted, and would have been more than enough to shift the election outcome in favor of Democrats.