Sean McElwee


Sean is a co-founder of Data for Progress. He has spent half a decade bringing cutting edge data analysis to progressive advocacy and his work has been cited by politicians at the national, state and local level. His writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Nation, Vox and The Washington Post. His research interests include race, inequality, voting and money in politics. Sean uses R and Stata for analysis.

Colin McAuliffe


Colin is a co-founder of Data for Progress. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University where he studied computational solid mechanics. His research interests include public opinion polling, geographic factors in politics, and local organizing. Colin uses Python for analysis.

Jon Green


Jon is a co-founder of Data for Progress and a Ph.D. student at the Ohio State University. His work has appeared in Science, Perspectives on Politics, Electoral Studies, The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, and The Washington Post. His research interests include public opinion, public deliberation, and text analysis. Jon uses R for analysis.

Julian Brave NoiseCat (@jnoisecat)

Julian is Director of Green New Deal Strategy at Data for Progress. He is the US policy lead for the global grassroots climate campaign, He is also a correspondent for Real America with Jorge Ramos and contributing editor at Canadian Geographic. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Nation, The Paris Review and many other publications.

Jason Ganz (@jasnonaz)

Jason is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. He is a senior data analyst at a tech startup who likes to use his spare time crunching numbers for progressive causes. His mission is making clean, accurate and accessible data on progressive issues available to everyone. Jason uses Python and SQL for analysis.

Jacob Coblentz (@Jacob_Coblentz)

Jacob Coblentz is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. He specializes in using voter files to conduct analysis of electorates, especially estimation of causal effects of campaign advertisements. Jacob uses Python, SQL and R in his analysis.

Shira Mitchell (@shiraamitchell)

Shira is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. She is a statistician and slow thinker. After her PhD at Harvard and postdoc at Columbia, she spent two years at Mathematica Policy Research working on small area estimation and causal inference for federal agencies (mostly Medicare and Medicaid). Now she is at the NYC Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (MODA), working with city agencies to deploy and critique data-driven policy.

Greg Carlock (@gregorytcarlock)

Greg is Green New Deal Research Director at Data for Progress. He holds a Masters in Environmental Policy and is a researcher in climate action and data based in Washington D.C. He specializes in greenhouse gas accounting, U.S. climate and energy policy, and online data platform development. Greg uses his brain for analysis and leaves the data science to the experts.

Emily Mangan

Emily is a policy adviser for Data for Progress. She provides research support and analysis for the Green New Deal. She is a climate and environment researcher based in Washington, DC. She wants to find better ways for progressives to communicate climate policy solutions. 

Ryan O’Donnell (@RyanODonnellPA)

Ryan has worked on progressive campaigns and issues since 2007, both in organizing and analytics. His interests include voter file targeting, Democratic primaries, and utilizing data and tech to increase efficiency in organizing. Ryan uses R, SQL, and Tableau for analysis.

Pete Harrison (@PeteHarrisonNYC)

Pete is a senior adviser to Data for Progress, focused on housing. He is a co-founder of homeBody.

Amanda Novello (@NovelloAmanda)

Amanda is a senior fellow at Data for Progress. She is a policy associate with the Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Government Initiative at The Century Foundation. She was previously a researcher and Assistant Director at the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at The New School for Social Research. Amanda uses R for analysis.

Ethan Winter (@EthanBWinter)

Ethan is a senior adviser to Data for Progress, where he oversees the newsletter. He is a senior at Bowdoin College where he studies mathematics and government with a focus on political parties and polarization.

Rynn Reed (@RynnReed)

Rynn is a progressive political organizer, consultant and researcher. She wants to see communities empowered through electoral outreach and reliable data that reflects the true needs and wants of the public.

Vijay Das (@vijdas)

Vijay Das is a below average basketball player, below average swimmer, and below average cyclist. He is a senior policy fellow with Data for Progress. Vijay is excited to demonstrate how progressive ideas are popular and can work. He's eager to remake our multi-racial democracy to work for the many, not the few. Vijay is a graduate of UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy and has served in every level of government, coast to coast.

John Ray (@johnlray)

John is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. John is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of California-Los Angeles. He wants to make data work for everyone. He mostly works in R and Python.

Nic Fishman (@njwfish)

Nic is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. He is a student at Stanford University, studying data science. He’s interested in applying machine learning and deep learning to bring new perspectives to hard policy problems. Nic uses Python, Matlab, and C for analysis.

Hanna Haddad (@hannnnanana)

Hanna is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. In particular, he specializes in political and public policy data analytics, driven by his desire to push for progressive causes that advance the causes of economic, social, and racial justice. A native Californian and ardent NUMTOT, he holds issues affecting transportation and housing close to his heart. Hanna uses R for analysis.

Avery Wendell (@awendell98)

Avery is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. Before quitting to get involved in political data, he worked as an associate data scientist for advertising technology firms in Silicon Valley. His mission is use data to illuminate truth, and to prove his superiority to Jason in all things. Avery uses Python, R, and Tableau for analysis.

Past Advisers:

Austin Rochford (@AustinRochford)

Austin is a senior adviser to Data for Progress. He is a recovering mathematician, a passionate Bayesian, and a PyMC3 developer.

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