The high cost of housing – especially of rental homes – is an urgent public policy crisis and a golden political opportunity for progressive candidates and policymakers willing to show leadership. The Data for Progress Homes for All report lays the groundwork for a truly progressive housing policy capable of ending the crisis, as a guide to policymakers and voters alike.

Table of Contents

  • Part One: End racist exclusionary zoning

  • Part Two: Build millions of homes through publicly owned and other affordable social housing

  • Part Three: Provide immediate relief to renters

  • Part Four: Make homes for people, not capital

  • Americans support Homes for All

  • Housing at the nexus of the progressive project

Note: The Data for Progress Homes for All plan is not affiliated with the Homes for All campaign of Right to the City or any other organization's work. However, Data for Progress encourages anyone interested in local housing justice organization to contact Right to the City and learn more about their powerful work.