Memo: Climate Jobs Scorecards

By Mijin Cha, Data for Progress Senior Fellow

Executive Summary

The climate crisis cannot be ignored any longer. Climate change is happening now and immediate, bold action must be taken to stave off the worst impacts. Greenhouse gas emissions and other key pollutants must be drastically reduced in a short time frame. At the same time, we must act to protect workers and communities negatively impacted by the transition away from fossil fuels. Failing to do so will increase economic inequality and hardship for the very communities and workers that have sacrificed life and livelihood to provide the energy that built our economy.

The good news is that climate policy can be an excellent job creator. Targeted, deliberate policy interventions can create good jobs that pay family-sustaining wages, provide benefits, and strengthen unions. The most successful path forward will both meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create good, union jobs. Below are key policies necessary to achieve this vision