Second Week Predictions

The McElwee Influencer model predicts that Vanessa Vanjie Mateo wins and Ra'Jah D. O'Hara goes home, as it did last week.

The Wisdom Of The Crowd predicts Brooke Lynn Hytes wins and Kahanna Montrese goes home.

Shira Mitchell predicts  Brooke Lynn Hytes wins and Shuga Cain goes home.

Bayes the House Down predicts Shuga Cain wins and Nina West goes home.

Miranda Stanpanda predicts Brooke Lynn Hytes wins and Kahanna Montrese goes home.

The Chayacore model predicts Plastique Tiara wins and Nina West goes home.

The Pamplemousse model predicts Ra'jah D. O'Hara wins and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo goes home.

The Best of Both Worlds model predicts Vanessa Vanjie Mateo wins Kahanna Montrese goes home.

And everyone’s favorite Council Speaker CoJo (@CoreyinNYC) predicts that Mercedes Iman Diamond will go home. “Nina West’s mastery of old school camp gives her a wig up on the competition, making her my pick to win. Mercedes Iman Diamond is a few karats short of comedy gold. I think she may sashay away.”

Last week, The Wisdom Of The Crowds correctly predicted a Soju loss and Bayes the House Down correctly predicted a Brooke Lynn Hytes win.

Submit your model here. There is still time to submit before the next episode and if you aren’t ready by today *you can join next week*! If a team does not submit for an episode, it counts as an incorrect prediction. Since early episodes have many contestants and little information for prediction, most teams are likely to get them wrong anyhow. So folks can catch up in later weeks.